Root Canal Therapy & Extractions in Victorville to Save Your Smile

close up of young red haired woman smilingAt Mojave Dental Center, we know how important it is to protect your long-term oral health and general well-being. When concerns like an infection or decay jeopardize your smile, Dr. Sujal Parikh and our team provide versatile treatment with root canal therapy and extractions in Victorville. We combine versatile treatment with trusted techniques to save natural teeth and preserve your dental health for as long as possible.

Our dentist is well-versed in performing root canals and gentle extractions. He works with a trusted endodontist nearby to meet complex needs, and an oral surgeon comes into our office to perform wisdom teeth extractions for compacted cases. If you or a loved one require immediate care, don’t wait! We offer same-day emergency appointments whenever possible and do everything we can to get you seen quickly!

Mojave Dental Center enjoys helping individuals and families across Victorville, Adelanto, and Hesperia. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions, address concerns, and schedule a visit for a day and time that works best for you. Contact us to get started today!


Getting Root Canal Therapy in Victorville

Root canal therapy (RCT) is an endodontic procedure designed to remove an infection from your tooth's inner root canal chamber. It involves removing diseased tissues and nerves, also called the pulp. We recommend root canal therapy when damage, decay, or infection compromises a healthy tooth. Root canal treatment is the last line of defense for saving as much of your natural tooth as possible.

How Will I Know If I Need RCT?

Knowing if you need root canal therapy can be challenging while you experience early symptoms of an infection or decay. Initial signs can only be determined correctly by our skilled dentist. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may need RCT.

  • Significant tooth discomfort & pain
  • Sensitivity to hot & cold temperatures
  • Swollen gums around your tooth
  • Dark discoloration of your tooth
  • An abscess or pimple-like bump in your gums near your tooth
  • Prolonged sensitivity or pain when chewing
  • A chip, crack, or fracture in your tooth

More noticeable signs arise as the issue gets worse. Therefore, it’s essential to visit us for a detailed exam. The sooner you schedule an appointment with us, the earlier we can detect the source, provide the right treatment, and relieve your discomfort.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Help?

senior man checking out his smile in dental officeWith a root canal treatment, Dr. Parikh and our team can help preserve your natural smile for as long as possible. As such, this can provide you with many benefits regarding your long-term dental health, tooth function, and much more. Because RCT removes the infection from inside your tooth, the treatment also greatly reduces the chances of it spreading to other areas of your smile and body.

The procedure is straightforward, allowing our team to save your tooth while also eliminating pain or discomfort. Once recovered, you can get back to chewing, speaking, and smiling comfortably. You can also get back to your daily life and routine without worry.

What Happens During the Procedure?

We conduct a thorough consultation and detailed exam before scheduling your Victorville root canal procedure. Our dentist evaluates your tooth, gums, and smile. He will likely analyze your chewing and biting functions as well. We take a series of dental x-rays to capture images that detect the issue and determine your smile’s current health.

During your procedure, our dentist accesses the root canal chamber through a small hole. Using special tools, he carefully removes the infected pulp and diseased tissues inside your tooth. From there, Dr. Parikh cleans and disinfects the chamber, sealing it with antibacterial material. Once dried, he may protect your tooth with a filling or custom crown.

Save A Tooth or Extract It?

At Mojave Dental Center, we recommend saving your natural tooth and avoiding extraction whenever possible. Dr. Parikh and our team take the time to inform you of the reasons why we recommend treatment. We show you educational videos and discuss them to help educate you about the importance of preserving your natural dental structure.

When Are Extractions Necessary?

Sometimes, protecting your long-term oral health means removing a tooth or several due to various circumstances. At Mojave Dental Center, we may recommend extractions for the following seven reasons:

  1. Severe tooth decay
  2. Advanced gum disease
  3. Dental trauma
  4. Dental emergencies
  5. Impacted wisdom teeth
  6. Dental crowding
  7. Dental implant preparation

Our dentist offers extractions in Victorville as a last resort to ensure your overall health and safety are preserved. Dr. Parikh performs gentle tooth removals for general dentistry purposes, while a trusted oral surgeon comes into our office to perform extractions to address more complex needs.

How Do Extractions Help?

young man pointing at his teeth while consulting with dentistWhile our goal is always to relieve your discomfort and eliminate infection through conservative methods first, sometimes this isn’t always possible. Removing a tooth or teeth may be the optimal option when severe decay, trauma, or disease compromises your overall dental health.

If not appropriately addressed, bacteria and infection can spread to surrounding teeth, your gums or gain access into the bloodstream. From there, a dental issue can lead to complications with your general health. Our team at Mojave Dental Center can help protect you and your smile with extractions. You can trust us to deliver care that always keeps your comfort and safety in mind.

Removing Wisdom Teeth in Victorville

Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars. A normal adult smile houses twenty-eight teeth comfortably. When wisdom teeth emerge, that’s an extra four teeth, thirty-two teeth in total. Typically, these extra teeth, also known as third molars, can lead to various concerns. Most smiles do not have enough room for them, causing wisdom teeth to grow crooked or impacted.

As they try to create space for themselves, third molars commonly cause discomfort, pain, overcrowding, and other potentially serious concerns. Dr. Parikh and our visiting oral surgeon work together to create a plan for extracting problematic wisdom teeth successfully. They are happy to tailor your procedure to meet your unique needs and level of comfort.

Achieve Greater Dental Health & Comfort Today!

The entire team at Mojave Dental Center is dedicated to protecting your natural smile and long-term oral health with root canal therapy and extractions in Victorville. Dr. Sujal Parikh provides versatile and personalized care with the help of trusted specialists and techniques.

We love helping individuals and families throughout our Victorville, Adelanto, and Hesperia communities. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!



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